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The Autoimmune Crisis

Autoimmune disorders are now three times more common than they were a decade ago. In the United States, autoimmune diseases now account for $120 billion dollars a year in health care costs – $50 billion more than cancer!

Psoraisis, Mutliple Sclerosis, Alzehimer’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, or Lupus, are just a few of the over 80 autoimmune diseases.

These potentially debilitating conditions arise when the immune system, which is our body’s internal defense system, gets confused and begins to attack healthy tissue. There are numerous causes for this confused attack, including a genetic predisposition.

By the time you or someone you know notices an autoimmune condition, the disease has often been silent for 10 years. This is known as Stage 1 of the autoimmune disease. Stage 2 begins when the early symptoms arise. Many patients have shared their frustrations regarding their trip to the doctor at the onset of Stage 2 –  where their symptoms are often disregarded or interpreted as being related to depressive mood disorders, or even hypochondria! Sadly most of these patients also share that it was not until the disease progressed to Stage 3 before were properly diagnosed. At this stage the condition has caused significant damage both on the body and on the patient’s emotional well-being.

Until recently, those suffering from autoimmune conditions have been provided with very little information about their condition, accompanied by insufficient treatment solutions by many practitioners. For decades, traditional medical practitioners placed the emphasis on genetics and symptom – although there is no doubt that genetics play a role, they are by far the minority contributor.  Traditional treatment solutions focused on masking symptoms by either blocking pain pathways or turning off portions of the immune system. Nothing that provides an answer as to where the condition came from and how to reverse the process.

Over the past several years, science has helped us develop a greater understanding of root cause of autoimmune disease – which has allowed us to prevent, slow down, or even reverse the disease process.

The most significant thing we have learned is that your environment – what you eat, your everyday stress, chemicals and toxins exposure, drugs, and chronic infection – contributes to throwing your immune system into disarray. This then leads to chronic inflammation, which creates the perfect storm for an autoimmune disease.

Through decades of research we now have a simple blood test that identifies what environmental factors are contributing to the breakdown of your unique immune system, and what parts of your body are specifically being attacked. This test is called Predictive Antibody Testing, also known as PAT. The test is relatively inexpensive and highly effective.

Common indicators of possible autoimmune conditions include:

• Feeling bloated or foggy following meals.

• New skin rashes appearing on your body.

• Unexplained/unrelieved body or joint pain.

• Overall decrease in everyday energy.

• Difficult remembering where you left your keys or other everyday items?

By utilizing this new and powerful diagnostic tools, we can detect what is causing your autoimmunity. This then allows us to target and remove the offending triggers and repair your body’s barriers to recognize a true attack.

The end result is an immune system that is once again in balance, so that it no longer attacks your own tissues – allowing it to return to its intended job of defending your body against real danger. For many suffering from the debilitating effects of autoimmune disease this can mean a return to a normal life! For those that are lucky enough to catch their disease before serious symptoms appear it means avoiding debilitating suffering and returning you to the path of a long and healthy life by using the power of science, observation and pure common sense.

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