Blood Tests

We use expanded and comprehensive blood panels to zero in on the root cause of your medical condition, so that we can then provide a targeted, and effective treatment to return you to wellness.

Brain, Gut & Autoimmune

We specialize in the connection between gut and brain health, and are autoimmune disease experts. We are also leaders in cutting-edge scientific research in the fields of functional medicine and immunology.

Allergy Testing

Many medical conditions are caused by an allergic reaction. We provide advanced allergy testing to accurately detect the true cause of your condition, so it can be eliminated forever.

Wellness Maintenance

If you are blessed with good health, the team at Regenera Medical can assist with ensuring that you continue to enjoy optimal health in service of an optimal life.



We are Medical Doctors

Regenera Medical patients are cared for by licensed medical doctors.


We understand how the testing is actually done.

Regenera Medical has its roots in pioneering the development of lab tests. As a result we know which tests are the most precise and know how to effectively interpret the data.


We’re pioneering ground-breaking medical research, and change in the approach to medicine.

We specialize in gut and brain healthcare, and are leading experts in the relationship between the two. The research findings of our founder, Elroy Vojdani MD, IFMCP, has been published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as in the World Journal of Gastroenterology.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) you are not alone. Astonishingly, 15% of all patient visits to a primary care physician and 25 – 50% of all visits to a Gastrointestinal specialist are IBS related…

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Chronic Fatigue

The demands of modern living is exhausting. This causes many people who suffer from chronic fatigue to believe that the way they feel is to be expected. Women have an especially hard time being heard when they ……

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Migraine Headaches

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine headache then you are painfully aware of how horribly debilitating they can be. If you are one of the six to eighteen percent of the adult population that are afflicted with this condition, you ...

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Brain Fog

If you’ve ever had a day where you felt that your thoughts or decisions were happening in slow motion, or that you had to search through a fog to pullout an answer, or figure something out – then you’ve….

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Thyroid Imbalance

It is estimated that one in seven adult Americans have low thyroid functions and that 27% of all adult women in the United States have evidence of chronic inflammatory thyroid disease. The reason for this staggering figure is in part ...

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Whether you have rheumatoid, degenerative, or inflammatory arthritis, you don’t have to be resigned to living with the condition or taking medication that damage your body, for the rest of your life. There is a solution.

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Eczema & Psoriasis

If you are one of the 35 million Americans afflicted with eczema and psoriasis, you are not alone in experiencing the discomfort and self-conscious feelings caused by these skin diseases. While eczema and psoriasis…

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Sexual Dysfunction

An optimal sex life is used by many as a measurement to determine their happiness and overall well-being. What is regarded as “optimal sex” is as varied as people’s favorite foods. Regardless of sexual preferences

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Dr. Elroy Vojdani

Functional Medicine

Dr. Elroy Vojdani is the founder of Regenera Wellness, a boutique Functional Medicine practice in Los Angeles, California.

amy donaghue

Amy Donaghue, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Each day we meet with patients that are at their wits’ end trying to find the cause of their chronic medical condition(s).

We look forward to meeting you and to helping you get and stay well.

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“The best doctors give the least medicine.”


     ~Benjamin Franklin

Don’ t Hear From Us Only

What People Say About Us

I really enjoyed my experience at Regenera with Dr. Vojdani. His office was clean, convenient to get to, and he was exactly on time for the appointment. After listening my whole story and running some tests, he prescribed supplements that made me feel way better. I’d definitely recommend going to see him, 100%.


Manhattan Beach

Dr. Vojdani is an incredible practitioner! The time and attention he provides is like no other. What’s even more refreshing is that he helps resolve problems at their root, without simply masking symptoms with medications. I suffered from a debilitating skin condition for more than a year and half because no practitioner listened to my symptoms and saw the interconnections, but Dr. Vojdani did. I am so grateful for his wealth of knowledge and his ability to simply articulate the complexities of our bodies. It is an investment that will continue to provide dividends for my present and future wellness.


Los Angeles

Dr. Elroy has simply changed my life. He’s a rare breed of doctors that actually gives you the time and day to listen to come up with a plan that works for you. I’ve never felt better than I do now and I give 100% thanks to Elroy. He is on a path to change the way we look at healthcare, where we can actually trust our doctors and get significant results to optimize our. Bottom line is that he is world changer and I’m truely grateful to have met him.


Los Angeles

“Dr. Vojdani has simply changed my life.He’s a rare breed of doctors that actually gives you the time and day to listen to come up with a paln that works for you.I’ve never felt better than i do now and i give 100% thanks to Dr.Vojdani.I’m truely grateful to have met him ”


Los Angeles

Elroy is one of the best functional MD’s I’ve had and I’ve been to plenty. I was at my worst I’d ever been in my life when I booked a time with Elroy. I went into his big white open space office and even just chatting with him about my symptoms and complaints made me feel better. We did a couple blood tests then they came back fast, we reviewed and then he prescribed. He answered all my emails and every question I had with no judgements and it was finally understood and treated! It was so comfortable – finally. If you’ve ever felt like no one listens, go to Elroy. Being both an MD, but also a huge believer in natural solutions – there’s no one better to go for a complete solution that won’t bandaid anything! Just make sure to listen to him. He really does only necessary blood tests and then uses whatever he has in his ‘toolbox’ as he calls it to make you better. Promise. So easy to book a time too – just go to his site or email them. He’ll shoot you what you need and boom you’re in and on your way to better.


Los Angeles

After 23 years of suffering with stomach issues, allergies, and a daily battle with hives, I finally found relief thanks to Dr. Vojdani at Regenera. He is a miracle worker. The day I found him was the day life changed. I’ve been to Drs all over, from London, to San Diego, from Dermatologist, to Immunologist, and none of them could figure out the cause of my health issues. He did numerous tests that traditional Drs don’t do, and we found out what the problem was. Highly recommend him. My only regret is that I wish I found him sooner.


Los Angeles

Medical & Science Based Treatment

Centered In Functional Medicine

Dr. Elroy Vojdani

Regenera Medical

Good doctors understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business.