``The teacher affects eternity; he can tell where his influences stop.``
~ Henry Adams

Our Story

The Father of Functional Immunology

Dr. Elroy Vojdani grew up in the field of Functional Medicine. His father, Dr. Aristo Vojdani, is known in the medical science world as, “The Father of Functional Immunology,” and played an instrumental role in the areas of research and education in the fields of functional and integrative medicine. In fact, his father actually invented some of the blood tests used by many practitioners today! As a child, Dr. V (as his patients warmly refer to him) was fascinated listening to dinner conversations about the latest scientific and medical trends. On many occasions, he accompanied his father to functional medicine conferences and listened intently as his father spoke to audiences comprised of soon to be industry giants, such as Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

Our Founder, Dr. Elroy Vojdani

Dr. Elroy Vojdani is the founder of Regenera Medical, a boutique Functional Medicine practice in Los Angeles, California. He is licensed medical doctor, an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Functional Practitioner (IFMCP), and a certified Bredesen ReCODE Practitioner.

After witnessing his father’s groundbreaking work to help pave a better and more informed pathway to practice medicine, Dr. V, realized that medicine was his single passion. After graduating from high school, he applied and was accepted to med school.

Upon graduating medical school from the University of Southern California and completing his residency at Keck School of Medicine, Dr. V began his career as an Interventional Radiologist, diagnosing and treating complex, late-stage cancers and other extremely debilitating diseases. While this experience gave him unique insights into how radiology testing is done and interpreted, his desire to stop disease before it reached the point of becoming a chronic illness remained at the core of his desire to practice medicine.

Over the years, Dr. V has applied everything he has learned to his own health. For instance, during medical school he was constantly fighting mental fatigue and fog and suffering from multiple bouts of nasal sinus infection. A simple blood test (at the time only adopted by functional and alternative practices) revealed that he had significant immune reactivity to dairy and gluten. After following a dairy and gluten elimination diet his symptoms entirely disappeared, and he felt as he had a new lease on life!

Today, he continues in his father’s footsteps – pioneering to find answers to medical conditions that go undiagnosed and untreated. Each day in his practice, Dr. V meets patients that are at their wit’s end trying to find the cause of their chronic medical condition(s). Based on his medical training, along with his background in radiology, and his deep understanding of how blood tests are created and conducted, he is able to accurately diagnose patients and then create customized and effective treatment plans.

Dr. V believes that Functional Medicine is, without a doubt, the future of medicine – and he is passionate about sharing his teachings and practices of this life changing medicine with his patients.

If you are looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact Regenera Medical to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vojdani at 424 256 0272.