``Don’t count calories, don’t hate carbs, don’t go to the Stone Age. Simply eat real food, healthy food, and find ways to love every bit
of food and the health that results. It will become a lifelong habit and you can leave the yo-yoing behind.``~ Thomas M. Campbell, II

Scout’s Story

Scout’s passage to becoming a Health Coach, and to finding purpose in her life, is deeply rooted in her own health and wellness struggles.

For as long as she can remember, Scout always had very high expectations for herself. Unfortunately the bar she set for herself was accompanied with worry about the future, as well as anxiety about things that were out of her control. In addition to being an overachiever, she was constantly concerned about what other people thought about her.

Soon Scout began to drive her to work harder by using unhealthy food as a reward. This mindset resulted in a stress-filled life, as well as a poor relationship with food and her body. Since she was always striving, she “earned” her “rewards” often – which lead to consuming a diet comprised mostly of processed and sugary foods. Throughout this time, Scout shares, “I always had this thought in the back of my mind, about wanting to be healthy and change my eating habits – I just didn’t know how to make the changes on my own.”

By the time Scout entered college, her life of extreme stress and poor diet landed her in the hospital. At 19 years of age she underwent cardiovascular surgery to repair blood clots in her left arm, followed by taking daily blood thinners for the next 2 consecutive years.

During her recovery, Scout contemplated what she truly wanted for her life. Her self-examination motivated her to live a healthier lifestyle, and to educate herself about diet, wellness, disease prevention and medicine. At the same time she also discovered a fiery passion for exercise, which served to help reduce her stress, give back to her body, and stay healthy.

“Earning my bachelors degree in Exercise Science taught me so much about the human body’s’ anatomy, physiology, and how to design an exercise program. But I felt like I was missing the connection between psychology and nutrition,” Scout recalls. In her final semester at college, this missing link she couldn’t quite grasp created a dichotomy in her life where she was eating healthy and extremely fit, while also being sleep deprived, burnt out, highly stressed about finishing projects, fussed about graduation day, and fearful about what she was going to do after she completed college. A few short weeks after graduation Scout’s lack of balance caused her to have a seizure, as a result of a stress-induced brain bleed, and was rushed to hospital.

Fortunately her memory, speech, and motor skills were ultimately not impacted by the seizure. However, she found that her return to hospital was far more emotionally challenging to overcome than it was the first time. “I felt like my body had somehow failed me, or I had somehow failed myself, despite being so dedicated to a healthy diet and fitness.” Scout said.

Over time, she began to realize that her health issues didn’t happen to her – they happened for her, and she became deeply grateful as discovered that all the pain and struggle she had gone through was actually preparing her for something bigger.

A few years later she was hired by Regenera Medical founder and functional medicine pioneer, Elroy Vojdani MD, IFMCP. Scout immediately excelled at providing exceptional patient care, as well as studying functional medicine, and working on her health coach certification.

Now that Scout is a Certified Health Coach, her role has transitioned to help Regenera patients heal from their chronic illnesses – as well as get on, and stay on, a path to wellness.

“I am so excited to offer my education, and my personal life experience, to help people achieve their health and wellness goals so they can live a happy and healthy life.”
– Scout Lennon, CFMHC


• Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from California Lutheran University
• Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach by Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) January 2019
• National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach by ICHWC September 2019


• Over 2 years in the Functional Medicine medicine, working alongside category pioneer, Elroy Vojdani MD, IFMCP
• Lead individual coaching sessions and co-created health plans in areas such as:
Therapeutic diets (Ketogenic, Paleo, Gluten/Dairy free, and Autoimmune Paleo) Weight Loss, Cognitive decline, and Stress Management and Relaxation techniques